“What is clipshare and why did you create this technology?”

clipshare is a small team of creatives, technologists and business minds based in Cornwall, England. We’re on a mission to help content creators grow their audience by developing software tools that tackle the dull, frustrating and time consuming aspects of content marketing. We are not a video editing software provider and nor are we a social media management software provider; we are create video marketing tools. You can find out more about us by clicking this link.

“How do I use clipshare?”

clipshare is super easy and super intuitive to use. In any case, please watch this video for a step-by-step quick start guide on how to use clipshare.

“clipshare doesn’t work on my mobile; it looks bizarre and I can’t use it?”

clipshare is not yet optimised for mobile. During our ongoing research and dialogue with users, the majority of content creators told us they use desktops to create content. We’re a scrappy start-up trying to run fast on a tight budget – we have to make tough choices; with this in mind, we developed clipshare as a “desktop first” web app. Plans to improve the mobile user interface and experience are in our development plan and we’ll ship this ASAP. If this is important to you, please do let us know and we’ll bump it up the priority!

“Does clipshare break YouTube’s terms of service?”

You are only allowed to clip content that you have ownership/distribution rights to. Our own terms of service dictate that you are only allowed to use content that you have the rights/licenses to.

“How do I switch accounts?”

We made a video teaching you how to do this; you can find it here. We’re working on a slicker solution and aim to ship this to you ASAP.

“I found a glitch/bug; what do I do?”

We are developing clipshare in collaboration with users and their feedback. If you see something that is odd, or something does not work like you think it should, then please do let us know and we will get the tech. guys to iron these issues out for you ASAP.

“I thought of a great idea / feature for clipshare; what do I do?”

All the features found on clipshare originated from our discussions with YouTubers, content creators, videographers and social media managers regarding problems they had in their content marketing workflows. That is not about to stop; if you have an idea that would make clipshare better, or you have a problem you’d love a solution for in your own content marketing workflows, please do let us know in the feedback section on the web app. or by simply emailing alex@clipshare.it. We will develop clipshare around your needs.

“Why should I pay for clipshare?”

Tens of thousands of £’s and many thousands of hours worth of blood, sweat and tears has gone into, and continues to go into, the development of clipshare. The software tools that we have developed are unique. What’s more, clipshare is super easy to use, has some pretty clever tech. inside and has fast render times. However, like everything in life, things cost money (booooo 😢 ); our cloud infrastructure for starters! Moreover, we’ve got lots of features in the pipeline that we are going to be adding; your custom allows for faster development cycles in turn bringing more value to you quicker. Rest assured though, we aim to bring value to all budgets, and that’s why we have our free plan!

“What is a “watermark”?”

A watermark is a slightly translucent clipshare logo that appears on your clipped content. It only appears at the end of your free trial on the free plan only. It’s subtle and non-intrusive, but clearly shows our logo. This is how we make the free plans work for us too; essentially we are bartering brand awareness in return for free usage of our tools. Anyone with a paid plan will not have a clipshare watermark appear on their content.

“Is there a free trial?”

Yes. We offer a month’s free trial period across all plans. This gives you the opportunity to see all of the features in their fullest capacity before deciding to dive in with a paid plan.

“Can I cancel my plan anytime?”

You can cancel any plan at any time, but keep in mind that free and monthly plan cancellations will come into effect at the end of the month that the cancellation request was received by clipshare, with the annual plan cancellations coming into effect at the end of the term of your annual plan. If you would like to cancel, please email alex@clipshare.it detailing your request and account details accordingly.

“What currencies and payment options are available?”

Our prices are listed in GBP (£) as we are a UK based company. Our payment infrastructure is powered by Stripe which is a very secure and popular payment processing company used by thousands of companies globally. Whilst we accept all major debit and credit cards, if you have any trouble paying please do get in touch by emailing alex@clipshare.it.

“Will I receive receipts for my transactions?”

You will not receive an email receipt when purchasing a paid plan. However, invoices are available to download from your account. It you have any trouble dowloading your receipt please do get in touch by emailing alex@clipshare.it.

“Do you offer refunds?”

Unfortunately not. With free trials across all plans and clear cancellation policies we think a purchase decision is made as risk free as possible to all users.

“Are there any limits to video size?”

You can input any size video to the clipshare web app. and also clip any length of content from your videos, fetching them locally. However, to schedule post your clips you need to be mindful of specific social media platform video posting limits (e.g. Twitter’s maximum video length is 2mins & 20secs. Clips that are longer than this will not post to Twitter). As we develop clipshare, we will add in some handy reminders during the clipping workflow, but for now, please do keep such limits in mind.

“How do I add my social media profiles?”

Once on the clipshare web app., click the “Menu / Feedback” button in the top LHS corner of the screen. Then click the ‘Social Media Profiles’ button in the menu. There you will see the “Add” button next to the relevant social media platform icon; click it. After following these steps your account will be connected. If successful the “Add” button will have now have changed to a “Remove” button. If this does not show, then refresh the page. If you have removed the one of your social media profiles, this button should then revert back into the “Add” button again. If this does not happen; refresh the page.

“How can I reach you if I need help?”

Feel free to email alex@clipshare.it. We take all feedback seriously and love speaking to our users and customer alike.