The clipshare Team

Alex Redman

Head of Programmes, Business & Strategy

If you think you know someone who pays close attention to detail, then you have not met Alex Redman and he has an excel spreadsheet to prove it.

Alex has a depth of experience in the corporate world using his engineering degree and MBA having worked for Bentley Motors for nearly a decade. Having learnt the hard way with a failed start up and with time served in private equity, he is well placed to guide the execution of clipshare.

Alex ensures that the structure of clipshare is in tip top shape allowing us to bring you the best product we can.

After hours, when not giving the team a hard time about deadlines, he can be often seen under the bonnet of his 30-year-old Suzuki Swift, watching “how to videos”, covered in oil. No one will steal it, yet he uses a steering lock. Go figure…

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Josh King

Head of Technology & User Design

Josh is our resident tech. guy with a BA in Games Design as well as having worked within a chatbot and AI startup as lead conversational designer. His work focused on generating the optimum user experience in the form of user stories & user journeys.

Working on the “ones” and “zeros” along with our software partners, Josh helps to bring our vision to life.

At the age of 13, Josh cycled from Lands’ End to London and was the youngest scuba diver to get a licence in Cornwall. Josh has since given that up for powerlifting, video games, and clipshare. Cardiovascular fitness was obviously not on his list of priorities…

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Dan Naylor

Head of Sales, CRM, & Written Content

Dan is the best of all of us. He’s also writing these bios.

Dan has recently completed his BA in Creative Writing after many years as a professional poker player. As chief clipshare blogger, Dan gets the word out, offering customers content creation tips’n’tricks, industry best practice, and handy insights to help our users grow their audience.

He heads sales and customer conversion whilst combining his creative writing skills and experience in game theory to ensure our SEO is up to scratch. He holds us to our USP’s.

A keen photographer, Dan enjoys taking pictures of the Cornish coast when it’s too cold to get in the water.

Since learning how to hold his breath for freediving, Dan occasionally gets hiccups so loud they can silence a crowded room.

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Giz Edwards

Head of Marketing & Video Content

Leading the charge with our video content and understanding our customers pain points, Giz, named after Gizmo the Gremlin, is our resident YouTube expert.

Owning a successful media company, and having been a YouTube content creator for over 12 years, Giz truly understands the benefit of clipshare’s features and helps shape our product along with you, the customer.

As a child, Giz played Bottom in a Midsummer Night’s Dream, not once but twice. If that combined with his claimed 95% pitch perfectness is not a credential for being in front of the camera, then we don’t know what is. 

When not creating content or working on our marketing, Giz is most likely eating sugary treats, so much so that we are surprised that he has any teeth…

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