Working from Home

Suddenly finding yourself confined to your house is a new concept for some with the current Covid-19 pandemic and a not quite so new concept for those who have worked from home in the past. Some may be adapting wonderfully to the new unfortunate situation the world finds its-self in by cruising out of bed, straight to their desk and smashing out a days’ worth of productivity. Whereas some may find that not being with a team in a work environment highly challenging and spend the day procrastinating watching Netflix in their pyjamas. Either way, it’s worth exploring the best ways to work effectively from home regardless of how long the coronavirus pandemic lasts. If you’re a content creator, you probably have some experience with working from home but it’s a different ballgame at the moment. After all, you never know when you might find yourself having to work from home in the future.

Some of these will hopefully seem obvious and that’s a good thing because it means you’re ahead of the game, congratulations. Speaking from personal experience as someone who has spent many years working from home as an online poker player and then suffering from chronic illness that left me with no choice but to work from home, these are a few of my handy tips and a few thoughts on the matter. Some may seem obvious, some may seem ridiculous, but maybe some will be worth considering

Quarantine Sucks

There is no need to pretend it does not suck. The world is shifting beneath our feet and adaptability is the order of the day. Accept it as best you can and find your way of navigating it. Change the things you can, try not to dwell on those you can’t.


Now is the time to connect! Many people actually have more time available at the moment and may be more inclined to engage with you when they otherwise wouldn’t. this will only work if you ask them though. So, start reaching out and expanding your network, there’s a host of people out there looking to do the same thing in these troubling times.

Continue your Projects

Continue with your research if you have any ongoing projects and adapt to online conversations.

Actually Dress Yourself

Get dressed every day. Studies show that this gives off psychological signals that it’s time to work which in turn, impacts on productivity. I know this one sounds strange, but it does wonders for the psyche to continue your morning routine as if you were physically going out into the world. This is often done under normal circumstances because we find it important to present ourselves to the world a certain way. Presenting that person to ourselves also will help maintain normalcy and may well go a long way to staying on-form.

Routine is Key

Have a routine. It’s easy to stay up a bit later each day and drift into that timeless abyss getting work done here and there to stay on top of things. It’s important to maintain self-discipline and that starts with making yourself a formal routine. Segment your day into work, rest, play and whatever else you can think of. Set goals, give yourself rewards when you reach those goals, signal your routine to your colleagues and you will be amazed with the increase in productivity.


Eat well and hydrate. This is an easy one to say when you’re stuck in a house with all the pasta and chocolate you’ve stockpiled but it’s important to keep a good diet. Sweets are for when you meet a target.


Exercise. Yeah, we all know you should exercise but just do it, it only hurts for a second. The internet is awash with ways to exercise from home at the moment so pick your poison and put some time in.


Try mindfulness and breathing exercises. Mindfulness really does work for a great many people. It can keep your mind focused and help you through this stressful time. It can also help to generate ideas by clearing the noise in your head. Give it a go, you will either find a new tool that will help you in a myriad of situations throughout your life, or you can finally tell all those mindfulness fanatics that they’re talking rubbish.


Engage with your communities. That’s a wide net but it goes back to one of the key tonics to being isolated, reaching out! These communities could be personal, work, family, faith… whatever helps you through. Most people are isolated, so reach out and connect. Maybe your struggling or you’ll reach out to someone else who is and you can lift them up. Either way, we have the tools to stay connected, it just takes a little more effort sometimes.

It may feel like time has come to a standstill, but the clock is still running. Many of the things you used to do, you can’t do anymore but a big slice of the world is still at your fingertips; learn a new skill that you’ve been thinking about for years but never acted on, the entirety of the human race’s knowledge exists in your pocket. This will come to an end and you could be an enlightened, unstoppable force of nature when the dust settles.

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